How does the keys work?

How does the keys work?

There are thousands of keys, KEYWAYS, professionally named. Each keyway belongs to a lock that uses that key format, allowing it to enter the lock but if the key does not have the correct cut, it will enter but it will not turn to unlock the lock.

That is why it is very difficult for your neighbor to have a key that fits in the lock and also has the same cut so that the key can unlock the door. What could happen is that some locks are easier to open with tools since the materials and the structure are not very complex and cheap.

That is why we recommend spending a little more money to install a high security lock that gives you peace of mind. In high security locks such as MUL-T-LOCK or MEDECO, the keys have a very demanding design, difficult to copy a key without the card with the cutting codes that are given to you when the new lock is installed and the locks have a internal technology that only an expert locksmith can open it and doing that means having to drill the lock very precisely. Having a high security locks is like having a safe at your door.

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