Safe Model EST916

If you want to buy a safe to keep any personal object of great value safe, we recommend the EST916 at the best price on the market. Therefore, at Expert Locksmith Aventura we offer you all the information you need to know about the characteristics and advantages of purchasing a small safe.



¿What are the advantages of buying a safe like the EST916?

First of all, the EST916 is a small safe that you can have both in your home and in your business. Best of all, it allows you to install it according to your preference, either by screwing it into the wall or the floor.
So, what are of the advantages of buying a safe? why should you have a small safe like this? This device has an incredible advanced locking system and has an anti-spy function and motion detector alert. All of the above means that you can have everything under control and protect your belongings without worrying about anything else since it can detect and notify you when someone approaches.

Another feature that gives it added value is the presence of a lever-proof recessed door, which consists of internal hinges, which provides anti-theft protection, making it resistant to any type of manipulation.

When buying a safe of this model, you can easily lock or unlock it thanks to its LCD screen with touch keyboard, which puts the complications of use aside.

On the other hand, what makes our safe so secure is its material. It is made of solid 14-gauge steel, which provides impact strength without compromising any object that it protects inside, providing greater security even when it is a small safe.

¿Why buy a safe from Expert Locksmith Aventura?

Our store, in addition to offering the sale of safes, specializes in providing locking services of the highest quality thanks to its professionals.

If you have a problem with your EST916 safe (lock or loss of password), our experts can come anytime you want, regardless of the time, as we work 24 hours a day. In addition to this, we offer you a full 1 year warranty from the moment you buy a safe of this model.

Thus, you can rest assured, knowing that you will be confident as we will never disappoint you, our services are 100% guaranteed. In fact, even when the warranty period has expired, you can hire our experts, who will help you solve your situation.

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