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Medeco's high security solution starts with key control, a process that ensures keys cannot be duplicated without proper permission. With Medeco's patented key control system, it's virtually impossible for someone--even a locksmith--to duplicate a key without proper permission.

In addition, Medeco's high security locks are strong and built to resist physical attacks such as prying, kicking and sawing. Medeco then takes it further with a uniquely designed tumbler pin system that reduces covert compromise such as picking and bumping.

Medeco adds another layer of security with its line of Intelligent Keys, making it easy and convenient to audit and schedule key usage. Installation is a snap. Medeco's Intelligent Keys simply retrofit existing technology without the usual hard wiring requirements.

Medeco is a market leader in high security key systems and cylinders. The company's customer base includes wholesale and retail security providers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), as well as institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential end-users. This trusted brand provides products that offer maximum security, safety, and control for schools, hospitals, banks, vending machines and parking meters, homes and offices, and much, much more.

Maxum Deadbolts

Medeco Maxum Deadbolts are about strength and guarding against unauthorized entry. Medeco® offers a Smart Deadbolt Solution of products with features ranging from key control, high security and Intelligent Keys.


Rim & Mortise Cylinders

Medeco® Rim and Mortise cylinders provide patented key control and UL437 Physical Security in adaptable retrofit cylinder formats. Additionally, Medeco® offers several eCylinder solutions available in these formats as well.


Key in Knob & Key in Lever Cylinders

Medeco's Key-in-Knob cylinders are designed to retrofit knob type cylindrical locksets, lever type cylindrical locksets, padlocks and bored type auxiliary deadlatches and deadlocks. Medeco's KIK/KIL cylinders are available in a variety of eCylinder and Mechanical technologies.


Cam Locks

Medeco® high security cam locks are recognized throughout the world as the standard for protection in a 3/4 inch diameter lock. Medeco® Cam Locks utilize hardened, stainless steel inserts throughout the cylinder to provide the ultimate defense against drilling, pulling, and other forms of vandal attacks. Patented key control programs prevent the unauthorized duplication of keys and maintain system integrity. Keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed, Medeco® offers a complete line of various cam lock sizes and functions to meet your specific needs.


Medeco® offers a variety of High Security Padlocks that are designed to accept both mechanical and eCylinders.

Medeco Product Catalog


Medeco Believes in giving customers the greatest control over their security. In addition to being able to order our hard copies of our product catalog by contacting customer service, we have also made them available via pdf electronic files.

Also please remember if it is a particular product section you need, we offer pdf files of individual section on each product page in the download tab. To download the unpriced version of the catalog, please click below: catalog


Patented Key Control - Protects against unauthorized duplication of your keys.
Uses Existing Hardware - Can be masterkeyed into a system containing Medeco BiLevel, Medeco³ Mechanical; as well as Medeco³ CLIQ Intelligent Key Systems. Medeco³ cylinders are available in a wide variety of formats, retrofitting most hardware on the market today.

  Can Be Masterkeyed - Can be masterkeyed into a system containing Medeco BiLevel and Medeco³ Mechanical as well as Medeco³ CLIQ Intelligent Key Systems.

  Protection From Physical Attack - Medeco³ cylinders are UL 437 listed and stand up to drilling, picking and other forms of physical attack.

  Special Angle Cut Keys - Requires a special key cutting machine and access to Medeco specific blanks, available in a variety of restrictions to support every need.

  Picking & Bump Protection - Medeco³ cylinders use a sidebar that prevents the key from rotating until it is elevated, rotated and aligned in the correct position. This feature offers protection against bumping and picking attacks.


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