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Mul-T-Lock is one of the top ten high security locking solution companies in the world, and a leader in locking solutions for the institutional, commercial and residential sectors.

EXPERT LOCKSMITH has Advanced Security. We provide the high security locks in Miami for residential and commercial use. High security locks refer to locks with advanced locking mechanisms that prevent forced entry, lock picking and lock bumping unless done so by a professional. The highly efficient key and cylinder design features state of art security protection, eliminating any concerns regarding the possibility of unwarranted key duplication and access. Our high security lock products are manufactured by Mul-T-Lock, the most prestigious and accomplished brands in the industry.

Expert Locksmith and Advanced Security Department offers the following:

  • High security locks from MUL-T-LOCK
  • High Security Locks Sales, Services and InstallationMaintenance and Repair
  • Highly efficient design to prevent unwarranted access.


image6 A must for exterior doors where deadbolt security rating is critical. MUL-T-LOCK mechanical deadbolts meet the highest industry rating for security and durability, offering deadbolts with keyed access from one side of the door, or from both sides.
Lever Lockset with MUL-T-LOCK Interactive+ Cylinder

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Entrance: Entrance or entry locks available with inside pushbutton locking, in which pushing the button locks the outside knob or lever until it is unlocked by key or by turning the inside knob or lever. The inside knob or lever is always free for immediate exit.

Storeroom: Storeroom locks (momentary) have a fixed outside knob or lever, and the latch is retracted by the key from the outside. The inside knob or lever is always free for immediate exit.

Protecting your family and property is one of the most important things we can do.
It requires smart locking solutions that you can rely on. They need to be convenient and address every access point in your home to eliminate any points of vulnerability. Mul-T-Lock provides High Security locking solutions give you real peace-of-mind for the people, property and assets that matter most.

Smart, scalable, single key solutions for every environment

Master Key System

Master key systems flawlessly balance control and convenience.

Mul-T-Lock Master Key Systems (MKS) can be applied to any of our high security locking solutions and are designed to scale as your locking needs grow. Users can be given a single mastered key to unlock all or selected doors, dramatically reducing the number of keys in circulation and enabling more dynamic access control.

Master Keying Unlocked

Master key systems (MKS) are smart, scalable and super- effective keying solutions in which selected keys are configured to open a number of predefined entries, using different types of locking products and efficient planning. These locking systems provide organizations with seamless access control while economizing on the number of keys in circulation. Mul-T-Lock’s MKS Design tool and Masterpiece software enable you to enjoy an unmatched technological product. Our professionals will help you design, build and maintain a highly effective and efficient system that ideally suits your needs, providing you with ongoing expert support throughout the installation and implementation process.

Understanding MKS: One-key locking solutions

Mul-T-Lock offers a wide range of master key solutions to address the varying needs of different business sectors and their unique environments. Here’s what your business gets when you apply our MKS to your locking systems:

High security protection -

  • Keys are mastered to provide each user with access to authorized areas only, increasing access control, while reducing the number of keys in circulation.
  • Convenient access - ability to incorporate a wide range of product types into the system using a single key enables complex system-design capabilities and allows your locking system to scale with your business.
  • Combined electronic/mechanical systems - Our mechanical hardware can be enhanced with electronic locking for an additional layer of security.
  • A system that grows with your business - Various planning options enable further system expansion and scalability to any environment.
  • Customizable system - The MKS can be applied to any Mul-T-Lock High Security solution and to a wide range of products, including many locks and cylinders.
  • Cost-efficient - Single-key access is more efficient, reducing initial costs, as well as future budgets to be spent on replacement keys.
  • MASTERpiece software – A strong planning tool to help you overcome complex locking challenges.
  • Quality: : Mul-T-Lock adheres to the world’s most stringent high-security locking standards.

Code Handle® – Secure Keyless Locking Solution
Electronic security handle

  • Code Handle is smart, attractive, and priced competitively locking solution. PIN functionality is fitted into the handle, so it is discrete and easy to mount by replacing the current handle. Security with minimal effort. Simple as that.
  • Adding Code Handle to your door adds security and convenience to your private room or office within family areas.
  • The key to indoor security is keyless. Code Handle® helps secure your inwardly opening windows and doors and protect your valuable assets, throughout the day.
  • Code Handle® is an easy, convenient lock to fit, perfect for most internal doors, allows you to unlock your doors and windows by entering a PIN code, for highly convenient and secure keyless solution.


Code-It Benefits

Code-It for windows and interior doors are ideal for your business, optimizing and ensuring protection for your access points with extreme ease:

● Streamlines convenient, secure keyless operation for frequent entering, exiting through doors and opening and closing of windows.
● Provides an effective door and window locking solution, from the inside.
● Enhances safety with flexible locking positions and a separate locking button.
● Easy to install, with no need for wiring.
● Easy to use, requiring no keys, or smart card credentials.
● Blocks unauthorized persons from entering a room.
● Highly compatible with most locking & latching products.
● Supplies power independently, requiring no electrical outlet.

Code Handle® Benefits

Code Handle for windows and interior doors are ideal for you, optimizing and ensuring protection for your access points with extreme ease:

  • Convenient, secure, keyless operation for frequent entering.
  • Access is simple via a PIN code. Various different codes can be generated requiring no keys, or smart card credentials.
  • Provides an effective door and window locking solution, from the inside.
  • Ideal for retrofit installations fits most doors.
  • Battery powered, requiring no electrical outlet.
  • Comes in both left- and right-hand versions.




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